2 comments on “The Last Stop for Free Speech?

  1. I agree that IPR readers have no duty to respond to the words written by Robert Milnes but the fact is that IPR provided news and space for the enjoyment and edification of readers. Robert Milnes substantially reduced my enjoyment of IPR. He polluted the IPR forum. If allowed to comment on IPR I have every reason to believe that the usefulness of IPR would be substantially reduced.

    To the extent that you believe Robert Milnes has something useful to say I strongly encourage you to find a forum OTHER THAN IPR for him to post articles and comments on. After a suitable time (let’s say a year) posting and commenting in a fashion which does not pollute the forum involved there might even be a couple of people who might change their minds.

  2. Thane,

    Even though I disagree with you, I respect your thoughtful views on this matter. I also thank you for being the first commenter on my blog.

    Warren refuses to consider reinstating Milnes, so it seems that effort is over for now. Soon I will assist Milnes in starting his own blog, The Plas Place, where he can post his ideas. He is also welcome to express his views on this blog, and has communicated an interest in doing so, but is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

    I hoped IPR could be a last stop for free speech, but that is not the direction it chose. However, I can assure you and all other readers that this blog will be a last stop for free speech. I will not place any limit on topics to cover.

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