4 comments on “IPR 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Survey Results

  1. There’s a big problem with this poll, survey monkey and the promoter William Saturn which should deem the poll against the best interests of the people.

    The problem is that the poll is looking for a single winner. That’s a system which attracts narcissists, egomaniacs, power-grabbers, control freaks, dictators and “my-way-or-no-way” pluralists.

    In fact Mr. Gary Johnson is the perfect example of the winner of such a system, him being the self-proclaimed “Mr. Veto” and the “solution to the two-party system”.

    The veto is the perfect example of my-way-or-no-way control freak politics and proclaiming oneself to be the answer to the two-party system is the sort of ego maniacal, conceited type known. He claims to have left the Republican Party because the playing field wasn’t level, but he has no record for creating such a level field himself as governor of NM or as the LP POTUS candidate.

    Would you like to see an example of team unity and inclusiveness? Simply look at an article in today’s paper about such a person who has worked with the unity USA Parliament team and who understands the way to bring about 100% consensus, one Daniel Stromgren for state senate, district 19.

    This is not a coincidence or random event, this is the results of teamwork created through the correct organization effort which unites:

  2. You see that Daniel Stromgren states in the linked article above; “At some point, we ended up becoming Greens, Republicans and Democrats,” he said. “We need somebody to go to Augusta with an idea of bringing unity.”

  3. James,

    I included US Parliament participant Kip Lee in the poll. As you can see, he did not do very well. Many people did not want me even to include him in the poll, but I did because he filed with the FEC as a candidate.

    I also employed rank choice voting. As you can see above, many participants did not take the time to rank all the candidates and kept many in alphabetical order.

    There can only be one nominee and in this poll, a clear majority felt Gary Johnson should be that nominee.

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