5 comments on “IPR Unveils New Header

  1. Millness here. Prove to me that you are you. Or did you suck Warren’s and paulie’s dick? Yield your ass to them too? Did you ask for lube?
    I think you have been kidnapped and held somewhere. Or murdered. Now you are WSS/brother/imitator. Some nasty FBI nerd in Quantico. You have WSS’s computer. What is your brother’s name anyway? Are you still in UK? Have fun? Where are you now, Bayside Texas or Quantico? Why can’t you email or control your website from UK? A hole in the web over the pond? Impromptu AND incommunicado?
    Tell the FBI I said Hi.

  2. Lame does not refer to your header rendition or your writing or your website. It refers to you publicly in IPR comments adopting the paulie position. i.e. Millness is mental about a dead woman and imagining something happened to WSS. WSS would not do that. That is a big reason I am suspicious.-This is in reply to your comment at The PLAS Place.
    Not many comments here. How is the traffic?

  3. To hell with the new IPR artwork. To hell with IPR.
    What is so strange about an allegation of a covert operation?
    If the reactionaries wanted to deny me the asset of Nancy Benson and didn’t have the balls to murder her and cover it up, then faking her death seems the next best thing, doesn’t it?
    Let us hope the same balless logic applies to you, or they may very well have murdered you.
    Since you say I have gone off topic and you adopt paulie’s tactics, just delete.
    Since I am banned-by Anonymous/paulie?- from IPR, I have only here and The PLAS Place to go to about you and paulie.
    Even WSS/brother/imitator can come to the PLAS Place.
    So bring it.

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