6 comments on “Free Speech Advocate Dies

  1. Here is some free speech for you to delete.
    This article- nice try WSS imitator. First the FBI screwed with WSS. Then I found out they screwed with Nancy Benson.
    Where are they, WSS imitator? Where are you, Quantico?
    I must say, your supercomputer programming is top of the line. By definition. The government has or has top priority access-on the ground of natiuonal security-to any other supercomputer.
    Yes, PLAS is a potential powerful threat-to the reactionary status quo.
    But really, the FBI needent bother to screw with WSS, or Nancy, Milnes’ potential First Lady, or Milnes, or even PLAS itself. The SHEEPLE do to themselves what needs to be done.
    Where is WSS, FBI? What did you do with him?

  2. Bullshit. Where, cyberspace? Quantico? Bayside, Texas?
    Jill Pyeatt, Warren Redlich, Richard Winger et al should know better. They were privy to a bizarre series of emails from WSS’s “brother” who said he was on charge of WSS email because WSS was in The U.K. Incognito and incommunicado. Unannounced. Why would it be necessary to put brother in charge of email anyway-duh-the world wide web. We were never told this alleged brother’s name. WSS is almost certainly a nom de plume anyway. Oh yeah, NO PHOTO available of WSS.
    That was his mistake. The FBI could EASILY replace him. This website posts declined in rate dramatically. Around August. About then I learned of the “death” of Nancy Benson. OMG if they had the balls to poison her and fake her death, replacing a guy already with a fake name and no photo-EASY!
    I want to know what happened to WSS -and Nancy Benson.

  3. I forgot to mention-poison David Nolan enough to make him too sick to attend LP meeting. Then oops, accidental overdose? Complication? Dead David. Oh well. One less libertarian.

  4. Lame. Sounds like something cyberpig paule-who you more often than not, disagree with-would say.
    Also I forgot to mention my request to meet WSS. My place or his. Halfway? Somewhere else? Are you going to be near Phila soon? Where are you? Maybe I will be near. etc.
    Reply-No WAY! To busy. waste of my time etc. Come on. A clear opportunity to prove me wrong and/or insane. Why not clarify things? What is the problem? The big deal?
    You damn sure don’t have anything better to do. Judging by your recent lame posts and comments.

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