One comment on “NFL Stands for Free Speech & Tradition

  1. Press Release


    June 4th, 2014

    The U. S. Parliament is proud to announce and support a candidate
    who accepted the nomination of their name after expressing interest
    in a unifying all party (and independents) voting system.

    Ronald Gold (Republican) for Attorney General, who was elected
    to a “United Coalition” of ten candidates committed to working
    together as a “TEAM”, is a candidate from among the ten
    who has advanced to the State’s ballot for the November 4th
    California State election.
    * * *

    Based in Monterey California, the U. S. Parliament is eager to
    continue the building of bridges with Ronald Gold’s [Republican]

    For information on how you can help build the unity and/or to learn how
    to join the team please contact the U.S. Parliament at (831) 383-1409.

    For links to all the candidates elected to the Coalition of Seven website please visit:

    Vote Here in the 6th California Super-state Election of 2014:
    * * *

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