3 comments on “Don’t Use the Shooting in Charleston to Restrict Free Speech

  1. I am very late in replying to this excellent article but I heartily agree with the author. As a result of the media frenzy to eradicate the Confederate battle flag from the scene and seriously question street names paying homage to Confederate generals and politicians, I have begun to do serious reading about the meaning of the battle flag. While it is true the KKK has used the flag as one of their symbols it is also true that in most cases it is one of three flags they fly at rallies. The other two are the US flag and the Christian flag. What concerns me most is the relative ease and speed with which the media orchestrated the removal of the battle flag from the grounds of the capitol in South Carolina and the public perception that it has been banned somehow. Even eBay will no longer allow Confederate battle flagged imaged items to be sold on their site. They have put such items in the same category as swastika images from World War II which they banned some time ago. I find the comparison ludicrous. Many flag companies announced they would no longer make Confederate States flags of any description but so far I have found no evidence that this has actually occurred. As I said, my real concern is how quickly this entire tragedy resulted in such sweeping changes vis a vis the battle flag. I cannot help but get the feeling (and I am not usually into any kind of conspiracies) that this entire scenario was a test. For what, I have no idea but it certainly proved the power of the media. I wonder what freedom is next on the list?

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I agree that this could’ve been a test. If so, it was highly successful. The media tried the same thing previously with the Washington Redskins name but that failed. The people need to keep pushing against this made-up right not to be offended.

      • By the way, thanks for the invitation to become an author over at American Third Party Report. I am much more of a commenter than an author but I appreciate your considering my views worth sharing to be very flattering. Thank you.

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