28 comments on “Supreme Court Vacancy Threatens Liberty

  1. Well said. The major problem I see with the upcoming presidential election is the near total lack of any viable candidate that will NOT abuse executive power. I can’t find anyone to support. Any suggestions?

    • I’d like to see Darryl Perry win the Libertarian nomination but that is highly unlikely. I’m not impressed with any of the other Libertarian candidates. Hopefully Jesse Ventura runs, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I was expecting John Hostettler to seek the Constitution Party nomination but Trent says he’s not going to run. That leaves Trump. Trump says he will not abuse executive powers. He has a non-interventionist foreign policy, will uphold the Second Amendment, supports medicinal marijuana, and is the only candidate talking about the problem of political correctness. However, there are some negatives with Trump such as his views on civil liberties and recently what he said about expanding libel laws. I’ll have to weigh all this when I make my final decision in the general election. Nevertheless, I am proud of what Trump has done in taking on the politically correct Republican Party establishment and so I voted for him in the Texas primary.

  2. William S. Saturn, I rest my case. This convoluted logic leading to Trump is not the WSS I knew before August 2013. Wss has been kidnapped and/or murdered. You are a supercomputer program run by DHS/FBI/Mossad probably in Quantico, VA. NF, I suspect you too.

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  4. “…maintain the status quo of liberty.” Are you tripping on free range weed?
    I voted for McCain/Palin in 2008. But it was a PROTEST vote and I publicly said so.

    • If there was foul play it’s most likely he was murdered. It wouldn’t make sense to kidnap him and keep him alive. I believe he is dead. Regardless, there is a vacancy on the Court.

  5. Yes, there is a vacancy on the Court.
    Joe Pa Paterno. Gets drawn into Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal at Penn State. But before getting too far, he gets cancer and quickly dies. Paterno, Penn State and USA is spared further scandal.
    What may Scalia been involved in?

  6. I heard paulie is “on hiatus”. Do you know anything about this?
    The most important time in libertarian politics, the run up to the nomination, he is absent?
    Doesn’t sound like him.

  7. Maybe. But maybe the big rush is because Israel knows the republicans will not nominate a jew for U.S. Supreme Court. Oilybomber is dem but lame duck out of office soon. Very iffy on whether a dem or rep will win presidency.

  8. “NF, I suspect you too.” – RobertLeMagne

    Just what do you suspect me of, Bob? If I have turned into a super computer I would be a Commodore 64!

  9. NF. LOL!
    You do not seem to understand the gravity and magnitude of what is going on with Israel, paulie, Garland, Jill Stein, Roseanne Barr et al etc.
    Kind of like Tom Knapp and Jill Pyeatt. Jill was privy to the emails of August 2013 when I believe something happened to WSS. She acted like nothing was wrong; everything was fine. Tom was off on some fit/nota;land now is back still clueless. Where are all the sharp minds?
    So either you’ve been disappeared or you are just another disappointingly clueless libertarian.

    • “So either you’ve been disappeared or you are just another disappointingly clueless libertarian.” – RobertLeMagne

      Well, if those are my two choices I guess it must be the latter!

  10. Name the top 5 progressive men you could live with as president and the top 5 libertarian women for vp, then mix and match possible tickets. They could win.
    Still disgusted?
    2008 Gravel/Ruwart
    2016 Milnes/Hogarth
    (Jesse0 Johnson WV/Ruwart/Kwiatkowski/Keaton/Pressley/ etc.

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