9 comments on “IPR’s Third 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Preference Poll Results: Johnson & Petersen Tie Amid Voting Anomalies

  1. Shivany: “Could you have found a worse picture for John? This clearly shows a teensy bit of bias”

    I used the photo from his Wikipedia page. I actually had to track down the photo and secure it with a free license several months ago. Otherwise, McAfee would not even have a Wikipedia photo.

    Stewart Flood: “According to what the author wrote, he did not like the results so he contacted campaigns to encourage their supporters to vote. The only “voting anomolies” are the ones caused by the interference by the “polster” himself!”

    If you don’t see a 72% result over 100 answers, compared to 16.5% and 13% in similar stretches, as an anomaly, then you are simply denying reality. It is ideal when no candidates “flood” a poll. But when it becomes evident that one candidate is flooding the results, the only fair resolution is to allow all candidates to “flood” results.

    Fauver: “Great job editorializing the headline for your own poll.”

    I’m not sure how stating the fact that there were voting anomalies constitutes “editorializing.” It is not an opinion, it is a fact.

  2. Thank goodness for your foresight Mr. Saturn. You managed to save at least some articles from the IPR train wreck! Thanks!

  3. Here’s a list of everything else that’s missing, but it’s all available in other places:

    Cato Fiscal Grades: Gary Johnson and William Weld May 24, 2016 (available in Google Cache)
    Libertarian Party of Oregon (PAC): Letter to Credentials Committee May 24, 2016 (available in Google Cache)
    LNC Meeting to be held May 26th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida May 24, 2016 (available in Google Cache)
    Libertarian Party Radical Caucus: Statement in Opposition to Inserting a “Mission Statement” Into the Party Bylaws May 24, 2016 (available in Google Cache)
    Green Party responds to Stephen Colbert’s repeat of the “spoiler” myth, urges Colbert to invite Greens to appear on his show May 24, 2016 (available in Google Cache)
    Darryl W. Perry to host pre-convention conference call May 24, 2016 (available in Web Archive)
    Interviews with Candidates for the Libertarian Party’s Vice-Presidential Nomination May 24, 2016 (available in Web Archive)

  4. William- from reading your comments at IPR I sense you are less than enthusiastic about the LP ticket. Are you considering any alternatives? I currently live in PA and I don’t know just yet what my choices will be. I know I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein. I am not pleased with Johnson’s choice of running mate. I actually respect Darrell Castle but I don’t think he will be a serious factor due to lack of ballot access. I cannot believe I am considering this but I might actually vote for Trump. He could be the breath of fresh air the system needs since he is not in anyone’s pocket or he could be the next Mussolini since he is so egotistical and bombastic. I would like to know your thoughts if your would care to share. Thanks.

  5. Right now I’m leaning toward voting for Trump. Even though he is a major party candidate, he seems more like an independent. For instance, he’s the first major party candidate since Wendell Willkie (in 1940) to have never held public office. He’s not using a public office to enrich himself, rather, he’s a self-made billionaire who doesn’t rely on lobbyist money. And he eschews political correctness, a major hurdle to free speech. Because of this, the establishment cannot control him and so they despise him. Conversely, even though Johnson-Weld is the LP ticket, it seems more like a typical GOP ticket. Both are former elected GOP officials who used the political system to promote themselves. As I’ve chronicled on this site, Johnson practices political correctness quite often. And, in fact, Weld is a member of the GOP establishment and did its bidding in recent months by endorsing its picks for the GOP presidential nomination, first Jeb Bush and then John Kasich. This fact isn’t even being suppressed. It was widely reported that Weld was selected as Johnson’s running mate in large part because of his deep ties to the GOP establishment donor class.

    On the issues, Trump is better than Johnson-Weld. Whereas Johnson picked a running mate who is a neocon, neocons hate Trump for his “America First” foreign policy. “America First” is a buzzword for non-interventionism since it is against the national interest to engage in foreign wars constantly. This is a refreshing break from the neocon stranglehold on GOP politics, which evidently was firmly grasped only on the establishment. That stranglehold now appears to attach itself to Libertarians. Weld is on record in 2004 supporting the Iraq War and Johnson advocated for “humanitarian” war in 2012. On taxes, Trump has a plan to lower them while eliminating the estate tax and reforming deductions. Johnson, meanwhile, continues to promote the inane fair tax, which will increase sales taxes and provide the federal government with another avenue for taxation. On guns, Trump has received the NRA endorsement, while Weld’s support for gun control has been widely documented. On drugs, Trump has endorsed medicinal marijuana, a first for a GOP nominee. Plus, while Trump is sober, having not taken any drugs or alcohol in his life, the pot-smoking Johnson must have been high when he picked Weld as his running mate, since Weld worked as a drug warrior in the eighties. On TPP, Trump opposes it while Johnson supports it.

    Trump’s views on immigration and trade may appear undesirable to some libertarians. Personally, my major objection to modern libertarianism is open borders. I believe in the argument that Ron Paul and other libertarians espouse. Immigration must be limited until the welfare state comes under control. As long as the government gives handouts to immigrants, they will continue to come, and with them, bring their anti-liberty views. Trump emphasizes this with his focuses on the fact that immigrants are often treated better than veterans.

    There are other issues to look at, and much more research to do. I plan to consider Darrell Castle very carefully. I still do not know much about him. As for the comparisons of Trump to Mussolini and Hitler, these will play no role in my ultimate decision. These are scare tactics invented by Trump’s opponents who fear an end to the status quo. It is similar to what opponents said about Barry Goldwater, Ross Perot, and Ronald Reagan. We’ll see how it goes. If I really like what Castle has to say and if Trump becomes an establishment pawn, I may write-in Castle. If Trump continues giving speeches like the one he did this morning and does not drastically change his views (for the worse), I will likely support Trump. It will be the first time I ever vote for a major party candidate for president, but I’m willing to do it, if it’s for the best.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I have voted in every presidential election since 1964 (I wasn’t old enough in ’64 but my great grandmother sure was and I voted her absentee ballot) and I have to admit to voting for major party nominees twice in that time. I voted for Barry Goldwater in ’64 despite wanting to vote for E. Harold Munn. I lived in Michigan then and I considered Munn to be a “favorite son”. Since the Prohibition Party failed to qualify for the ballot that year I voted for Goldwater. I couldn’t stand LBJ and didn’t consider the Socialist Labor Party to be at all representative of my views. Again in 1984 I voted for Reagan since I lived in Texas then and only had the choice of Reagan, Mondale or Lyndon LaRouche. I couldn’t stand Mondale and I sure couldn’t stand LaRouche so in the absence of Dave Bergland I voted for Reagan. Other than that I have voted Libertarian every year since 1976. I hadn’t heard of the party in ’72 so I voted for John Schmitz. I truly preferred Chuck Baldwin to Bob Barr in 2008 but I lived (and still live) in Pennsylvania and the Constitution Party failed to attain ballot status. This year is tough. I am disappointed in the Libertarian ticket. If the Constitution Party gains ballot access I will consider Darrell Castle. I agree with your assessment that Trump is more like an independent. I may vote for him. I didn’t even abandon the Libertarians to vote for Perot in ’92 but this year might be different.

  6. William- I have decided to stop posting at IPR. It is just getting too weird. I didn’t have your email but I wanted to let you know. I value your opinion and would like to stay in touch.

    • I haven’t been paying much attention to IPR for the past few days. I just finished writing my monthly campaign article for Wikinews. Would you ever consider coming back to IPR? I value your opinion as well and enjoy your comments there. My e-mail is wssaturn@gmail.com.

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