5 comments on “Backing the True Outsider

  1. A persuasive case, indeed. As William eloquently stated, Donald Trump is in many ways the greatest threat to the duopoly in our lifetime and, more importantly, was right on the crucial issues when it really mattered, i.e., Wall Street’s methodical thirty-year dismantling of America’s productive economy.

    Trump was one of the few who spoke out forcefully against the financial oligarchy’s deliberate destruction of the country’s once-thriving economy which has wreaked untold havoc on our middle-income and working-class populations — a shameful act aided and abetted by Hillary’s husband, the same guy who did Goldman Sachs’ bidding by repealing the Glass-Steagall Act while deregulating dangerous over-the-counter derivatives through the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, both of which led directly to the financial crisis in 2008.

  2. WSS was kidnapped around August 2013. NF, Darcy, you are addressing a supercomputer generated online personna impersonating WSS. WSS has gradually joined the pro Trump chorus of The ZOG, It is trying to put the blame for installing Trump with corrupt elections on Russia.

    • Trump is, simply, a counterrevolutionary. He won by bypassing the Constitution party. Much as Bernie ALMOST won by bypassing the Green party. Bernie’s problem was a direct block from establishment Clinton. Trump didn’t meet up with that in the GOP candidates. MAYBE if Romney had run again.

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