11 comments on “Between War and Peace

    • Rodman going to N. Korea is a great diplomatic move. It shows the Trump administration is on the path toward peace.

      Check out this photo of Rodman handing a N. Korean official a copy of the Art of the Deal:

      This is how we make peace.

  1. No, it shows another freak in the freak show. None of whom know anything about peace; quite the contrary.
    Who dresses Rodman? That is a crime against fashion!
    WSS, you have been kidnapped and brainwashed or substituted with a supercomputer.

  2. It is sad and unfortunate that Otto Warmbier died. At least he was able to come home to his family before it happened. Dennis Rodman credits his own diplomacy with securing the release of Warmbier. Criticism of Rodman’s role here is misplaced. His actions brought us closer to peace. I hope he continues his outreach to the North Korean regime.

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