8 comments on “Prohibition Party’s Bill Bayes to Run for President

  1. It is also worthy of mention that the article over at IPR attracted more comments than many articles regarding other minor parties with the exception of the Libertarian Party. That shows the historical interest in the Prohibition Party at least.

  2. Indeed, the Prohibition Party has been growing recently and is working to continue its growth. From what I’ve seen the party’s email list has roughly doubled over the past year. The Party is looking to acquire a new National office building, and is hoping to field candidates for various local and state elections in 2018.


  3. Input for your memory banks , disappeared NF.
    When there is little or no activity or comments on a website. Or now, only computer responses.
    Here, thesaturnalian, iprx, 88 fourteen, my website, TPP etc.
    When is the last time you visited my website, NJ?
    Or made a comment there?

    • I still get your emails with the link to your site. I visit when I get a new email. I rarely comment because there is usually nothing I feel qualified to comment about. Perhaps next time I’ll just chirp! 😉

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