13 comments on “On Charlottesville

  1. Don’t let the Marxist Zionist bastards get you down. The CSA and the Fourth Reich will rise again and overthrow the globalist bankers and their synagogue of satan!

  2. Your MAIN detractor-sorry about the typo-paulie has written an article in IPR. I am considering a response to that at The PLAS Place.
    IMO I don’t see how paulie could NOT be a dhs/fbi/mossad operative. He fits the profile.

      • Not so fast, WSS. I’m pretty down. I’m worried about my dad in VA CLC nursing home in Phila. and I am waiting on hearing something/anything about my Complaint in US District Court re: Do Over of 2016 election.
        Wasting my breath on paulie is not a priority.
        What effect has Harvey had on you?

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