7 comments on “The Establishment’s Worst Nightmare

  1. I guess McConnell must think he’s going to win despite his best efforts to derail him. I see he reversed himself on the Sunday morning talk shows.

    • Mitt Romney has picked up where McConnell left off.

  2. Now that Al Franken has resigned this whole situation is beginning to take on the trappings of the Salem witch trials without the trials!

  3. The photo of Franken appearing to grope the sleeping female service member is classic! Given that his prior profession was a stand up comedian I’m sure he saw that as just another outrageous comedy bit. Was it tasteless? Sure! What stand up comedian hasn’t said fuckashitpiss a million times for laughs? This is just going over the top. The BIG question should be did Bill Clinton actually smoke the cigar after sticking it… well you know! 😉

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