7 comments on “2018 Mid-Term Election Predictions

  1. I don’t want her to but I thought the polls were definitely in her favor. The most recent poll I saw in AZ looked like a dead heat there. I thought the chance of a GOP victory was better in AZ then MO. There should have been a gain in MT as well but that doesn’t look likely at this point 24 hours before the election.

  2. Well now that Nevada has flipped and Arizona probably as well and it seems likely that Nelson will prevail in Florida by any and all means possible, I guess the Trump bandwagon in the Senate will end up with what… a gain of one? With Ruth Bader Ginsberg on life support (figuratively) it should make the impeachment circus as well as the next USSC hearing incredible political theater. All hail Caesar! Bring on the circus (and pass the free bread!). Don’t fret the barbarians… they’re still quite a distance away!

  3. The House sure went Democratic is a BIG way. The political theater and accompanying paralysis should be very entertaining and good for the country overall.

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