7 comments on “NYC Mayoral Swear-In to Pair Potential 2020 Presidential Prospects

  1. Bernie Sanders-sent by Zionist terrorist state Israel via international murderers Mossad to bamboozle the progressive vote via reactionary democratic party i.e stalking horse.
    DeBlasio dime a dozen liberal reactionary democrat. i.e. lightweight pig.

    • Do you still think I’m a bot? I don’t think so since I doubt that you would have wished a Happy New Year to a bot. I truly wish you well for 2018 and all the years you have to come!

  2. Dunno. Maybe.
    A lot depends on what happens in U.S. Court. re: my proposed do over of the 2016/17 elections via Top Ten.
    Case is presently in USCA Third Circuit. Philadelphia. 17-3832.

  3. At issue: the Constitutional right to vote, which has not been ruled on yet I believe. Does plaintiff(me) have a Constitutional right to vote(one vote per ballot) as a citizen? Do all citizens have this right? Are all citizens’ right to vote equal? Whereas the Electoral College and Duverger’s law subtly make votes unequal. Therefore my Constitutional right to vote, as a citizen and candidate has been violated. If someone would like to make this class action, be my guest. I want to see Top Ten implemented and the Electoral College abolished.

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